Content Production

In a world where social media is increasingly becoming the go-to platform for many people, businesses need to make sure that they are visible where their potential customers are spending their time. Especially for local businesses, this means being active on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

In the starting months of DaVinci Fleur Flower Boutique we where looking for solutions to start bringing traffic online and offline, so then we considered content creation on social platforms.

Many businesses, especially smaller or newer ones, don't have the manpower or resources to produce high-quality content on a regular basis. This is where a social media content production company like ours came in handy for DaVinci Fleur Flower Boutique.

We started off with creating a brand identity including logos, color pallets, typography, content templates and other assets that could help cary out the brand identity throughout the businesses platforms.

Then we built a website using Webflow's templates and redesigning it to fit the new DaVinci Fleur Flower Boutique brand!

After uploading all the needed content we continued with adding and creating social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

One of the most important steps after that was content planning and production.

DaVinci Fleur Flower Boutique


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